Sunday, September 25, 2005


The Muslim World” delves into raising some very pertinent and attention-grabbing issues in the post 9/11 scenario. While the focal point seems to be from the Muslim World, it certainly goes beyond the norm by addressing the issues from its core and the theme seems largely inclusive of a global perspective. The first couple of episodes appeared to be a crash course in Muslim History outlining not the origins of Islamic religious movement but also on the political side of things with the initial rise and the subsequent downfall of what is reffered to as the ‘glory of the past’. The host, Javed Malik who also conceived and directed the series, started off with interaction with likes of the prominent British Historian, Dr James Dickie and Indian author, and publisher of Asian Age, M.J Akbar as well as some Arab and British Arab intellectuals. It had to be the bold, impassioned and robust interaction with perhaps the most high profile British Member of Parliament, George Galloway that really got things going and it was all uphill from there. The well thought out opening remarks, by Javed Malik, on creation of Israel, and the subsequent elaborations by Mr. George Galloway could not have been any better and provided the perfect recipe for some bold television material stuff. Full marks to ARY and, Javed Malik for they could not have chosen a more appropriate person to speak on the issue, as after all it was the ‘British Parliament’ where the initial ‘Balfour declaration’, which led to the creation if Israel was envisioned. Mr. George Galloway skillfully exposed the conspiracies that were hatched in his signature oratory skills powerful, easy to understand and with shades of his scotish ancestry. George Galloway who recently appeared before the US Senatorial hearing where even his worst critics were forced to praise him for his sheer confidence in standing up to the US Administration. A leading anti war campaigner, George Galloway fell out with British Prime Minister Tony Blair over the War on Iraq with the latter dismissing him from the ruling Labour Party. He then launched his own party and won a historic election from a traditionally safe Labour seat relying mainly on Muslim votes. While we heard and saw glimpses of him during brief interviews, but this was a detailed interaction not seen before on any Pakistani channel.

This series is truly ‘grown up’ television and ARYONE has once again proved that they are willing to tread on the core issues facing not just the people of Pakistan but also the Muslim World.

While the content was strong some technical glitches were apparent while the choice of a very bland ‘blacked out’ set did not seem to do justice to the type of programme this is proving to become.

The Program is presented, researched and directed by Javed Malik, who first appeared on our screens on the same channel in an other programme entitled “Insight – With Javed Malik”, and quickly became popular with his impeccable English and equally well spoken Urdu. Always dressed in expensive suits and well chosen ties he seems to be pleasant on the eyes. ARY ONE WORLD boasts some of the best anchors in Pakistan like Dr Shahid Masood, and PJ Mir, and surely it must not have been easy for Javed Malik to establish himself in presence of such heavy weights but he was able to make his presence felt and carve a niche for himself with his own identity and following within the Current Affairs world.

Now, with his latest programme, The Muslim World he is firmly placed as a serious television journalist and the credit goes to ARY ONE WORLD again for providing not just quality programs but also quality anchors.

The coming episodes of The Muslim World, promise to be very insightful, thought provoking and informative, especially with participants like George Galloway (British Parliament), MJ Akbar( Indian Historian and Writer) Mohammad AR Galadari ( Arab Publisher of Khaleej Times), Lord Nazir Ahmed ( British Muslim Parliamentarian), Dr. Majid Kilani ( Jordanian Intellectual), Dr. Yakub Zaki ( British Intellectual), Benazir Bhutto ( Former Prime Minister) and many others.


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